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There is Nox App Player for PC Windows and Mac you to use Android games or apps or tools. Which is a free Android emulator. And you can enjoy all the benefits of an Android device on your PC by using this app. On Nox App Player you can customize its configuration as per your convenience. In this article, we have provided you a guide to download and use this Android emulator.

What Is Nox app player for PC

The invention of the Android emulator for using apps or programs on one device on another device. The importance of Android emulators increases when most apps or programs are based on smartphones. With this in mind, Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co., Ltd has created Nox App for PC.

It is free to download and use for users. Designed to use Android applications on PC. It is mainly used for downloading games. But you can also download Android apps.

Features of Nox player for PC


Nox App Player is a free Android emulator for Mac and Windows. You will not use a free app that does not work on your PC.

Supports gamepad and keyboard

You can use the game-pad and keyboard to play games on Nox Player for windows. This tool is a great Android emulator for all PC users.

Compatible with Android phone games

Nox App Player supports almost all games on Android phones. You can easily download and install all the games available in the Play Store.

Customizable configuration

Nox allows users to customize its configuration as needed. You can customize the functionality of the keyboard and game-pad.

Trusted platform

This emulator is a trusted platform for those who use PCs. It has proved its loyalty in the Android emulator industry. This is a good option for you if you want to use a trusted emulator.

Supports other devices

One of its features is that it supports other devices. Nox App Player supports devices like Advanced Micro Devices. As a result, this platform is easy to use.

Friendly user interface

Its interface is user-friendly. This is an important feature of any tool. The interface is easy to use because it is friendly. And new users can easily navigate. You can quickly add commands to the keyboard to operate its functions. As a result, it is considered effective for regular users.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: Varies with Platforms
  • Category: Android Emulator
  • Platforms: Windows, mac OS
  • Developer: Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

How to Download Nox App Player on PC(Windows)

You can download and use Nox App Player on your Windows PC for free. You can download free Nox App Player from our site. Follow the steps below to download the app to your PC.

  • You can download the app from our site or the official site of Nox App Player. Due to its small size, it can be downloaded easily and in less time. If an ad blocker is enabled. There may be a problem downloading.
  • Open the download file to install. And agree to its legal permissions. This step is very simple, read and accept its permissions.
  • After the install, enter your email ID and password.
Nox App Player for PC


You’ll find many more Android emulators as an alternative to the Nox App Player for Mac OS and windows. But we’ve mentioned three of the first-line alternatives below.


How do I do Resolution Setting of Nox App Player?

Follow the instructions below to change or customize the resolution of Nox App Player.

  • Click on the Settings (Gear) icon in the Nox App Player tab.
  • Then, select Performance settings.
  • There are four resolutions available for you, you select the resolution as you need.
  • Click the “Save Settings” button.

Why do I need to backup and restore Nox App Player data on my PC?

If you want to reinstall Nox App Player on your PC. Then your previous data will be lost. You certainly don’t want to lose the data you need. So, you need to back up the data before you can clean up disk space or reinstall it. Otherwise, you will not be able to restore all data later.

How do I backup Nox App Player data?

Follow the instructions below to backup Nox App Player data.

  • Open Nox App Player and click Mul-drive in the toolbar. Or, open the Mul-Drive of Nox App Player on your PC desktop.
  • Then, click the backup icon for the drive you want to backup data to.
  • Save the data file to any folder on your PC. Click the save button will automatically save the data. And you will see a notification (Backup Success) when saved. Click OK.
  • Then, open Mul-Drive to restore and click the “Import to New Emulator” button.
  • Select the data file saved on the PC.
  • Then, turn on the emulator.

Where Are Nox Screenshots Saved?

Screenshots of your PC’s nox-app-player are automatically saved to your PC just like nox-app-player. For this, you first need to make sure that the root function of nox-app-player is turned on. However, you can get the screenshots by following the procedure below.

  • First open the nox-app-player. Then, click the Scissor icon in the sidebar. The screenshot is saved in the gallery of Nox App Player for PC. Go to the gallery and get the screenshots saved in the screenshot folder.
  • To get the screenshots saved on the PC, click on the “File Assist” option in the player’s sidebar. Then, click on the “Open PC Folder” button. Open the “Image Share” folder >> “Screenshots” folder.

How to use Nox Video Recorder?

  • Click the Video Recorder icon from the toolbar.
  • And click the red “Record” button to start the record.
  • Click the “Stop” button to close the record.
  • It also has more functions, such as play, delete, folder. Where the video os is located and Modify the saving path.

How do I customize or change the theme of Nox Player?

Follow the steps below to customize or change the theme of Nox Player.

  • Click the theme icon above the player.
  • Five themes are available for you, from there you can select one theme. Select the “Customize Wallpapers” button if you want to use the wallpaper of your choice as the theme.
  • Select the wallpaper of your choice from your PC and click the “Open” button.


Like many other Android emulators, Nox App Player for PC is a free emulator that guarantees you a variety of services. You can quickly download and install apps and games using This emulator. If there are some Android games that cannot be downloaded to other emulators. In which case you need Nox App Player.

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