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LD player Multi-instance Emulator for those who are currently using Windows PC. PC users use Android emulators for a variety of reasons. However, those who prefer to play Android games use the Android emulator. LDPlayer Multi-instance is one of the most popular Android emulators in the world. Today in this article we will show you how to download LD player and tell you about its features.

What Is LD player Multi-instance Emulator

LD Player for Windows is the newest and latest emulator of Android emulators. This app is suitable for playing Android games and using apps. Like many other popular emulators, it has many great features.

Like many other popular Android emulators, LD Player has multi-instance functions. This feature allows users to run different apps or games at the same time. As a result, there is no need to close one game or app and launch another. There is nothing to hinder you from playing online games with your friends.

It can be downloaded and used for free on your PC and you can easily play Android games. In addition to the Google Play Store, it has its own store called “LD Store“. Its store has various social media apps and popular games like PUBG Mobile. Also, it has advanced features, which are mentioned below.


Customizable Wallpaper

Customizing or changing the Wallpaper was a challenging task for LD player Multi-instance Emulator for mac OS and Windows users. But from the fourth version of LD Player, its users can customize or change the wallpaper. If you want to customize the wallpaper you go to the settings option and select the wallpaper tab. Now you can customize the wallpaper as you wish.

Screen recording

PC users basically use Android emulators to play Android games. One of the great features of Android emulators is screen recording, which supports LD Player emulator. You can create a video of your favorite game and share it with your friends. You can make screen recordings using keyboard shortcuts. Recording a game to solve a problem can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Supports APK files

There may be some apps or games that are not in the LD Store or Play Store, in which case it is a hassle for the users. So LD Player has added the “Install APK” feature for users. As a result, you can install the APK file of your required app or game from another platform.

Use the gamepad

Most of the people who like to play games are familiar with the gamepad. Users usually use the gamepad when playing games on PS3 or PS4 consoles. This emulator allows you to use the gamepad to play games. Using this feature you can easily play the game of your choice. Using the gamepad is much more comfortable than using the keyboard.

LD player Multi-instance Emulator

Friendly User Interface

How acceptable any type of app or tool is depends on its user interface. LD Player’s User Interface is very easy to use. New users can also easily use its setting tools and sidebar tools. You can customize its settings or commands. It can also be changed in different types of settings, such as network settings, shortcuts and many more. As it is updated, its features are also being updated. As a result, you are getting an Android option on your PC.

File sharing

LD Player supports file sharing on Windows PC or Mac PC. You can share your necessary files or images from LD Player to PC or from PC to LD Player.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: Varies with Platforms
  • Category: Android Emulator
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS
  • Developer: XUANZHI

How to LD Player Download and install on PC(Windows)

  • Download the latest version of LDPlayer from LDPlayer’s official site.
  • Go to the download folder and open the LDPlayer exe file.
  • Check the “Read and agree LDPlayer license” option and click the “Install” button to start the installation.
  • When the LD Player for PC is installed, click the “Start” button.
  • Then, go to the home screen of the emulator by clicking the “Home” button.
  • Click “System Apps” and select Play Store.
  • Log in to your Google Account by providing your email address and password.


Is LD Player safe for my PC?

In a word, yes. LD Player is safe for your PC. This Android emulator has very few ads and no spyware. There is no possibility of your personal data being stolen from your PC. It serves you faster than other emulators.

How do notifications work in LD Player?

LD Player alerts you when games or apps installed in LD Player want to send you notifications. If you want to turn off notifications, you can change the settings.

How do I turn off notifications?

Turning off notifications is good for your device. Turning off notifications reduces CPU usage. However, follow the steps below to turn off notifications in LDPlayer.

  • Open LDPlayer. Select Settings by clicking System Apps and click Sound & notification.
  • Then, click the App notifications option.
  • Select the game or app that you want to turn off notifications.
  • Enable the block option by sliding to the right.

What is Xposed Installer and how to install it?

You can install Xposed Installer on LD Player for PC. This is an important tool for Android users. Users can customize their Android device using its great feature. Not all of its features may be available on a normal Android device. Follow the steps below to install this useful tool.

  • Open the LD Player, enter the LD Store and search by typing “Xposed Installer”.
  • Open Xposed Installer and click on the “Install” button. Click Accept if you agree with their permissions.
  • When the installation is complete, open it. Check the “Don’t show this again” check box.
  • Click “Version–” under the “INSTALL / UPDATE” section. You will see a pop up, click Install.
  • Then, in the popup of “Supervisor Request”, select “Remember choice forever” and click “Allow”.
  • When you see the green text “Done! Changes Will Become Active on Reboot”, restart LDPlayer.

How do I switch my PC’s LD Player screen from landscape to portrait?

  • Turn on LD Player and click the Settings option in the toolbar on the right.
  • Click the “Mobile” option and select a resolution of your choice.
  • Then, restart LD Player by clicking the Save button. If you do not restart, you will not see the change.

How do I reconfigure the number of CPUs and RAM in LDPlayer?

If your PC does not support Virtualization Technology or plays a game on the Android emulator slows down, you can reconfigure the emulator’s CPU and RAM. Follow the instructions below to reconfigure.

  • To begin, launch LDPlayer and click on the Settings (Gear) icon. Then, click the Advanced Settings section.
  • Assign the expected number of CPUs and RAM and click the “Save” button to save this setting.

Allocating high numbers for CPU and RAM will make it easier for you to play games. However, it will affect your PC. These settings need to be configured correctly so that there is enough space for Windows.


If you find the features of LD player Multi-instance Emulator interesting, download it to your PC. You can use multiple accounts to play multiple games. However, before downloading it to PC, make sure about the capabilities of your PC.

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