How to share outlook calendar – schedule and organize events

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In this guide, we’ll explore various methods on How to share outlook calendar seamlessly for efficient scheduling and collaboration. Whether you’re coordinating meetings with colleagues or organizing events with friends, sharing your Outlook calendar ensures everyone stays updated and on track. We’ll cover simple techniques like sharing via email, utilizing calendar permissions, integrating with Microsoft Teams, syncing with mobile devices, and accessing through Outlook Web Access.

By mastering these methods, you’ll streamline communication, minimize scheduling conflicts, and enhance productivity in both professional and personal settings.

What is outlook calendar

Outlook Calendar is a digital tool provided by Microsoft as part of the Outlook email service and Microsoft Office suite. It is a feature-rich calendar application that allows users to schedule and organize events, appointments, meetings, and tasks. Users can create multiple calendars, share them with others, and view shared calendars to facilitate collaboration and coordination.

Outlook Calendar provides various features such as reminders, recurring events, event categorization, and integration with other Microsoft services like Teams and OneDrive. It can be accessed through the Outlook desktop application, Outlook on the web, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Overall, Outlook Calendar serves as a comprehensive tool for managing schedules and enhancing productivity.

How to share outlook calendar

How to share outlook calendar

Sharing your Outlook calendar with others is essential for effective collaboration and scheduling. Here are five methods to accomplish this:

Sharing via Email

One of the simplest methods to share your Outlook calendar is through email. Open your Outlook calendar, select the calendar you want to share, and click on the “Share” button. Enter the email addresses of the recipients and choose their permission levels (e.g., view-only or edit). They will receive an email invitation with a link to access your calendar.

Using Calendar Permissions

Another method is by utilizing calendar permissions within Outlook. Right-click on the calendar you wish to share, select “Properties,” and navigate to the “Permissions” tab. Here, you can add individuals or groups and specify their access levels. This method allows for more granular control over who can view and modify your calendar.

Sharing via Microsoft Teams

If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, you can easily share your Outlook calendar within the Teams interface. Open Teams, go to the calendar tab, and click on “Add calendar.” Choose “From Outlook” and select the calendar you want to share. Team members will be able to view your calendar directly within the Teams app, enhancing collaboration.

Syncing with Mobile Devices

You can also share your Outlook calendar with others by syncing it with your mobile device. Install the Outlook app on your iOS or Android device and sign in with your account. Go to the calendar section, select the calendar you want to share, and choose the option to share or invite others. This method allows recipients to access your calendar on the go.

Using Outlook Web Access (OWA)

If you prefer to share your calendar from a web browser, you can use Outlook Web Access (OWA). Log in to your Outlook account through the web browser, navigate to the calendar section, and select the calendar you wish to share. Click on the “Share” button and follow the prompts to invite others via email or generate a sharing link.

In conclusion, sharing your Outlook calendar can be done through various methods, including email, calendar permissions, Microsoft Teams, mobile device syncing, and Outlook Web Access. Choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences to streamline collaboration and scheduling with others.


In conclusion, sharing your Outlook calendar is a crucial aspect of effective communication and collaboration. By utilizing the methods outlined in this article—such as email sharing, calendar permissions, integration with Microsoft Teams, syncing with mobile devices, and using Outlook Web Access—you can streamline the process of sharing your schedule with colleagues, friends, or family members.

Whether you need to coordinate meetings at work, plan events with friends, or keep track of family schedules, sharing your Outlook calendar ensures that everyone stays informed and on the same page. By leveraging these methods, you can enhance productivity, minimize scheduling conflicts, and improve overall efficiency in managing your time.

Remember to consider the specific needs and preferences of your audience when choosing the most suitable method for sharing your Outlook calendar. With these tools at your disposal, you can facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, leading to smoother workflows and more effective teamwork.