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Here in this article, we are going to make a review about How to Use Parler App and we will try to tell you How to Use Parler Social Media App. It is an American-oriented alt-tech microblogging and social media service. Parler is a controversial social media app like any other social media service.

What is parler App?

How to Use Parler

Parler is an American microblogging and social media service app. The app was founded in 2018, as a social media network that styles itself as a free speech-driven space. A large number of users of the Parler App are US conservatives who disagree with rules around content on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. 

How to Use Parler App?

Parler App is very easy to use. In this section, we will show you step by step guide that will help you to understand parler and its all features. If you wish to use the app properly, you can follow the following directions.

How to Create an Account on Parler for Android

To know how to use Parler app, you have to Create an Account on Parler. It is very simple to create an account on Parler for your android phone. If you wish to do so you have to follow the below steps, these help you to create an account for your android smartphone.


  1. First you have to install the Parler App on your phone and make sure you are connected to the internet then launch the app.
  2. Now tap on the Create Account option.
  3. Then you will find some policy. In order to move to the next step, it is required that you agree to all of them. Check on the checkboxes next to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Community Guidelines, and once you’ve done that, tap on the Continue button to proceed further.
  4. Now Enter your Email, Phone Number and Password. Then tap the next button. [Note: The password needs to be more than 9 characters with 1 mandatory uppercase letter, 1 Lower case letter and one special character such as @ !#] 

Verify the Captcha

  1. Then you’ll need to Verify the Captcha. It is a method by which the app verifies that you are a human being attempting to make a new account and not a robot for security purposes. Don’t worry about this, it is an easy process and you should not face any trouble in getting over it.
  2. If you are done step-2, an authentication code will be delivered to the phone number you entered in step-2 through an SMS. Now Enter that code to proceed further.
  3. Now set up a Parler Nickname. while using the app, this will be used as your ID. Then tap the Continue button to proceed. The process of making a Parler account is almost completed. Now you will lead to a new screen named Customise your Parler Experience. Personalize it as per your choices and tap the Done Button. Your Parler account is completed!

How to Post on Parler

It is very simple to post on the Parler app. If you wish to do so, you can follow the below steps these will make your task easy.

  1. First you have to go to the home screen of the parler app to make a post. Then On the bottom right corner of your screen, click on the big blue-colored icon that has a small plus/addition sign on it. Click on that button.
  2. Then Type whatever you wish to post on Parler.
  3. Now at the bottom of the space where you type your post, you’ll notice a bar that has the option of uploading a photo, a gif or a meme.
  4. You can click on any of them and that will let you add attachments to your post.

How to Manage Your Parler Profile

If you wish to manage your parler profile accurately, you can follow the following directions.

  1. First Click on the icon on the top left of your screen that has a person inside it to open a new slide menu.
  2. Now Click on Profile. In this section, your Username, your profile picture, following, followers, comments and votes will be displayed.
  3. To change your profile picture, your username, add or change a banner and add a bio Click on the gear icon on the top right corner.

How to Setup Moderation in Parler

If you wish to make moderation settings in the parler app, you can follow the below steps.

  1. You get multiple controls such as Review, Mute, Spam and Approve under review comments.
  2. Now Click on the Approve button to approve pending comments.
  3. Click on the Mute button to mute it and click on the Spam button to mark that as spam.
  4. Under Settings, click on the Base Comment Rule to make your own word filter. Turn on the NSFW filter to auto-filter out NSFW comments. 
  5. You can also see the members or accounts you’ve blocked/muted under Blocked and Muted members. You can also unblock or unmute them from there.

Commenting and other Features

If you wish to make a comment in the parler app, you can follow the following directions.

  1. There are 3 buttons in the order of Comment, Upvote and Echo under every post.
  2. Click on the first button to create a comment. You can also add a photo, a meme or a gif with that comment.
  3. You can Echo a post on your home screen which is similar to a retweet on Twitter by clicking on the middle one.
  4. The Upvote button is a gesture of agreement. Click on that to upvote a certain post.

Settings and Privacy Guide

In the Parler App, you get settings and privacy features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the features there.

  1. First Click on the Settings and Privacy.
  2. Now Click on the Privacy, and to make your account a private one, turn on the private account. Your account is public by default.
  3. If you want to get emails and notifications from the app, turn on the Notifications button.
  4. To check your following, followers, and to manage which notifications you receive and from whom, Click on the Advanced filters under Settings and Privacy.
  5. Turn on the Dark mode to make the user interface more appealing and less stressful on the eyes.

FAQs about Parler App

There are many (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs about the Parler for its users. The most common FAQs of the app are given below.

Who owns the Perler App?

John Matze is the owner and founder of the Parler App. He is a famous entrepreneur from Nevada, United States.

How to Get a Parler App?

It is very simple to get the parler app. If you wish to get the parler app, you can follow the below directions.

  •  First Open a browser in your device.
  • Then Search for Parler in the search box and search it.
  • Now here form the search result, you can access the parler social media application.

How does the Parler App work?

As a social media platform, the parlor app works to make connections within many partners through sharing their ideas, feelings and sharing any kind of information. The parler works as an alternative to the features of Facebook and Twitter. So, the tasks of the app are similar to any other social media platforms.

Where can I find a Parler App?

You have to know that Parler is available on Android but the app is not distributed by Google Play Store. You can find the Android app is also available on Parler’s website.


Parler is a wonderful social networking service that used by several people. In this article we have tried our best to show you how to use Parler App on your devices. If you follow the step-by-step guide to use the platform,  the guide and directions will make your tasks easy.

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