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In this article, we are going to describe GetFit App for Android. GetFit is a platform that provides useful apps to take care of very important elements. Such as a healthy body, spirit, and mind. The goal of GetFit is to help you to build a healthy mindset using its amazing apps in just 42 minutes a day. 

What is GetFit Apps?

GetFit App for Android is a leading mobile app developer that offers you  AI-driven health and fitness apps. The main mission of GetFit is to bring tech and fitness together. Since its founding in 2017, the company has launched a family of highly personalized health and fitness apps. The apps delight customers with engaging and habit-changing experiences.

5 Health and Fitness Apps by GetFit App for Android

GetFit App for Android offers you the most important health and fitness apps. The apps help you to make an MIT community by encouraging regular exercise. GetFit Apps are always ready to take up new challenges to ensure the fitness of its users.

Home Fitness Workout App

Fitness für Zuhause mit GetFit
Fitness für Zuhause mit GetFit
‎Home Fitness Workout by GetFit
‎Home Fitness Workout by GetFit

There are some wonderful directions in the Home Fitness Workout App by GetFit. The App provides fitness exercises for your ads and chest as well as your legs and buttocks. You will get your whole body exercises in this app in a short time.

There are some personalized home workouts for men and women which help you to lose weight and build your muscle. If you use the app, you can build good fitness without equipment and you no need to go to Gym.

Features of Home Fitness Workout App

In this GetFit App review, we will try to describe the features of the home fitness workout app. The app has many valuable features for you to make a sound fitness in your body and mind to lead a healthy life. 

The app is available in the Google Play Store. The features of the app are given below that will be helpful to your health.

Workout for Women and Men

Home Fitness Workout App by GetFit is designed for both women and men. Using the guidelines of the app, men and women are able to lose their weight and gain weight. The app is designed by certified GetFit trainers.

Fitness Counter and Calorie Counter

The app is also used for fitness and calorie counters for both men and women. You can grow your fitness level by doing home workout without any equipment following the guidelines of the home fitness workout android app or iOS app.

No Equipments, No Gym, Bodyweight Workouts

The app provides you with some fitness growth tools to fit your body, So, no more struggling to fit a body workout into your busy schedule. You will find a workout for women, workout for men, beginner workout, abs workout and many more in this app. Try to build muscle or lose belly fat right now with the android app.

Build Muscle with No Equipment

Using the app squats and crunch, push-ups and plank for the full body workout. So, take a squat challenge, abs or plank challenge and burn your calories in a way you never knew you could.

GetFit App for Android
Weight loss Workout Programs for All Body Parts

In this app there are some weight loss workout programs for all your body parts. The programs are:

  • 7 minute workouts.
  • HIIT workouts.
  • Fat burning workouts.
  • Buttocks workouts.
  • Muscle building workouts.

Lifestyle and Fitness Tracker by GetFit

The app can be used as a lifestyle and fitness tracker. You will find the following options to track your lifestyle and fitness:

  • Add your weight and water consumption every day.
  • Reminders to log weight and to drink water.
  • Track your home workouts daily.
  • Log your physical activity every day in the app for Android.
  • Health and Fitness articles on exercises every day.

Diet & Meal Planner App by GetFit

Kalorienzähler von GetFit - Ma
Kalorienzähler von GetFit - Ma
‎Kalorienzähler von GetFit
‎Kalorienzähler von GetFit

Here we will know about the Diet & Meal Planner App by GetFit. This app is also known as Calorie Counter by GetFit- Diet and Meal Planner. GetFit have designed them for both men and women with many classic diet and meal planner features. So, the app has some speciality for its usefulness.

Using the Calorie Counter App, you will get a meal plan and you are able to stick to a diet. You also find some wonderful guidelines to lose your weight quickly and manually. If you wish to stay on track of your diet, calculate carbs and calorie intake the app will be helpful to you.

Features of Diet & Meal Planner App by GetFit

There are some wonderful features of the Diet & Meal Planner App. You can build a sound health using the features. The features of the app are given below.

Meal Planning

You will get many diet plans with your food habits in mind. Explore the app’s diet list: classic diet, intermittent fasting, high-protein plan, keto and more. The plans Certified nutritionists accurately designed by Certified nutritionists with your measurements, target weight and goal in mind. You get everything you need to ensure long-lasting results from the app’s diet planning.

Diet Recipes Plans and Macro Tracker

The app adjusted your diet plan with hundreds of delicious healthy recipes and food preferences, so you’re sure to satisfy your cravings. In this app, the macros and calories are automatically calculated, just take a pick and log your meal in one click. You can swap your meal easily.

Food Diary and Logging

Using the app, you can track what you eat quickly and seamlessly. With an extensive food database combined with a smart search, voice search and barcode scanner, you’ll feel the difference compared to the good-old pen and paper method.

Personalized Experience with Diet Planner

You can start with inputting measurements, set the target weight, pick a goal and a dieting app will count the calorie budget as well as water, protein, fats and carbs intake that will perfectly match your unique needs and lifestyle.

Get Motivations and Guide

If you use the app, you will get guidance and motivation from Certified nutritionists. So, your tasks will be easy.

Walking Tracker by GetFit

Pedometer von GetFit - Schritt
Pedometer von GetFit - Schritt
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
‎Schrittzähler von GetFit
‎Schrittzähler von GetFit
Developer: Appyfurious
Price: Free+

It is one of the useful apps of GetFit. The walking tracker App by getfit is very familiar to fitness lovers. Using the app you can get thinner and you also can build up your stamina very easily. The app is a daily pedometer with key stats on your step count,  burned calories, distance, route mapping and health.

Supply every cell in your body with vital oxygen and walk the stress away with weight-loss or healthy lifestyle programs.

Features of Walking Tracker App by GetFit

There are some wonderful features of the app that help you to walk and the app helps to maintain your daily workouts. The features of the app are very useful. In the following section we will try to describe the features of the app. The features of the walking tracker app are given below.

Personalized Walking Plans

The walking plans of the app are very useful. If you start to use the app, you can choose from 5 unique 4- weeks customized programs, using the programs you can meet your health & fitness goals. The personalized feature provides you tailored around your needs, lifestyle and personal preferences to get fitter to be easy on your body.

Walking Routines

In the app, you will find 3- level indoor walking routines, you can practice walking anytime and anywhere. You will feel free to complete your daily workouts and you can stay active even if you’re not going to leave your house for bad weather.

Yoga Exercises

The app has some routines, using this you can do yoga at home to tone the muscles on your face to help keep you looking young. You can try a bunch of workouts targeting different face zones in the walking tracker app and enjoy smooth, plumped, and radiant skin.

Guided Workouts

In this walking app, you will get guided workouts. The app provides you short and clear audio instructions which will explain how to lose your weight, increase your stamina and as well as calm your mind.

Comprehensive data insights and tracking

Using the app, you are able to Keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly step count quickly without having to think of where to put your phone. Whether it’s in your hand, your pocket or your bag, it won’t miss a single step. No GPS tracking also. 

Motivation and Support

The pedometer app will get you moving and celebrate your goals with the help of reminders. So the app is the best walking practice app.

Meditation And Sleep App by GetFit

‎Meditation & Schlaf von GetFit
‎Meditation & Schlaf von GetFit

The Meditation & Sleep App by GetFit is available only on the App Store for your iPhone. It is an app for your mind and sound. Using the app you can learn to meditate, relax faster, sleep better and stress less. So the app is one of the best pocket apps for your health.

The Meditation & Sleep App by GetFit will become your personal pocket-sized tutor when you need any guide about meditation and sleep. The features of the app are given below.

Features of Meditation & Sleep App by GetFit

The app is a very user-friendly meditation and sleep app for its features. It has some wonderful features to learn, meditate, relax faster and sleep better. The features of the app are described below.

  • The programs of the app are based on your personal needs and aimed to help you achieve your goals (sleep better, improve relationships, learn to meditate etc.). You can set your goal and focus on what is important to you.
  • This app trains your mind with different theme sections: quitting addictions to concentration and pain relief and inspiration.
  • The app Personalizes your meditating experience by selecting the time of sessions and additional sound effects such as white noise, ocean waves and birds chirping.
  • Using the app, you can vary your healthy routine with many guided and unguided meditations as well as breathing sessions and ambient sounds. The app also has prepared lulling sleep stories to help you sleep deeply and quick mindful sessions for busy lifestyles.

Yoga App by GetFit

‎Yoga: Spagat Lernen von GetFit
‎Yoga: Spagat Lernen von GetFit

Yoga by Getfit is a new app that helps you make time for your well-being, joy in your life and as well as being a bit more mindful.

You have to know that yoga isn’t just about pretzel poses and handstands. Thus, our mission is to take you through easy-to-follow yoga workouts that have real benefits, not only physical but also emotional and spiritual ones.

All you need is just a little time and space to reach any wellness goal you may think of from losing weight to reducing stress and becoming more conscious on the whole. So, Yoga by GetFit is a wonderful app for your mindfulness.

Features of Yoga by GetFit

There are some wonderful features of the app that help you make time for your well-being, joy in your life and as well as being a bit more mindful. The features of the Yoga by GetFit are given below.

  • All the programs of Yoga by GetFit are based on your personal needs. Using the app, you can prepare your body from easy to more complex asanas and movements. Set your goals, specify training preferences and get going.
  • The app has easy-to- follow video sessions created and certified by yoga teachers, and you can practice that anytime and anywhere. So, you literally get a pocket-sized instructor to lead you through your daily routines.
  • There are well organised collections of workouts in the Yoga by GetFit that vary in difficulty, target body part, duration and level of intensity. The app also contains core and dynamic workouts, yoga for relaxation and meditation and stretching & flexibility workouts.
  • Using the app you can organize your daily routine and stay motivated with the regular process tracking. So, you will never lose sight of what you’ve already achieved.


In this GetFit App for Android Review, we have tried our best to make a complete review of the 5 GetFit Apps. GetFit provides a set of apps to maintain your health properly. You can use these apps very easily on your Android and iOS devices. So, you can use the GetFit Apps to get a sound body and mindfulness. 

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