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Currently, Turkish Canli TV izle for PC is for you to have an idea and watch live programs of all channels by accessing one site. Turkish channels for some TV serials and programs are very popular in their own country as well as in other countries of the world.

What is Canli TV izle

Canli TV izle

Canli TV izle is where you can watch all the popular local, national and international channels in Turkey. Its site is By accessing this site you can stay connected to any channel available on Canli TV Live 24 hours a day. You can watch channels without any hindrance. You do not have to pay any additional fee for this. The video quality that is used in the channel is the quality. That you will find in this site. It has about 3,500 channels available. You have a perfect site where there are news channels, sports channels, documentary channels. And hundreds of entertainment channels.

Features of Canli TV Live

Canli TV Live’s Web site is the largest online TV site in Turkey. The site was first launched in 2005 in Turkey. This is the first online site in this country. Canli TV Live for PC is available in almost all countries of the world. Its brand name is “Canli Tv”. In addition, to live broadcasts on television, it also broadcasts live on online radios.

You can watch all the TV channels broadcast on this online TV on your PC without any hindrance and restrictions.You can find different types of news about your favorite serial or show by visiting its blog. In addition to knowing the details of the channels, you can also contact the channel if necessary.

Provides HD quality on your mobile device as well as PC. An app called “ Mobile” for Android devices was available in the Play Store, but is not currently available in the Play Store. For this, if you want to use the app on Android device, you need to download and install the app’s APK file.
Its website and app are completely free for everyone.

Canli TV izle for PC (Windows & Mac) Web Browser

Open your PC browser and go to Then open the channel of your choice.

Canli TV Live for Windows Mobile (Microsoft Store)

Canlı TV İzle
Canlı TV İzle
Developer: Bajo
Price: Free
  • Canlı TV İzle Screenshot
  • Canlı TV İzle Screenshot
  • Canlı TV İzle Screenshot
  • Canlı TV İzle Screenshot

This app has nothing to do with but has similarities. By downloading and installing this app on your Windows 7 mobile, you will be able to watch some popular Turkish TV channels on your device and listen to radio channels. However, follow the steps below to download and install the app on your device.

  • Open the Microsoft Store on your device.
  • Search by typing Canlı TV izle.
  • Select the Canlı TV izle developed by Bajo.
  • Click the “Get” button to install.

Canli TV Live (“ Mobile” apk) for Android

Canli TV Live has developed an app for Android device users called “ Mobile” which is not currently available in the Play Store. For this you need to download and install the APK file on your Android device. You can download and install its APK Five on your device by following the steps below.

  • Install “ Mobile” APK file on your phone from a trusted site.
  • Open the installer in APK.
  • Install the APK file of “ Mobile” on Android phone using APK Installer.

I would suggest you to download apk file from

Canli TV Live for Android Using Web Browser

Open your Android browser and go to Then open the channel of your choice.

FAQS About Canli TV Live

How to determine the rank of different channels in the list of

Automatically determines the rank of different channels in’s list based on channel ratings. The channel listing policies are outlined below.

  • Rating is the main basis for listing channels on The ranking of the channels is determined by taking into account the ratings of the last three months.
  • Second, it is categorized, so that users can easily watch the channel of their choice.
  • The top 50 channels are listed as Most Viewed from the most viewed channels.
  • And the channels that get the most views in the categories are placed first in the rankings.

Why can’t some channels be seen on is an open platform for TV channels. But as well as channels have their own policies, which is why some channels are not seen on However, below are some of the reasons why some channels are not available on

  • Some channels were previously available but now they have requested that their channels no longer be broadcast live on Broadcasting of some such channels has been stopped from For example: NTV, Fox Tv, Beyaz Tv, Kanal D, Kanal Türk etc. If they give permission again, they will start broadcasting again.
  • According to the rules of channel’s internet broadcast, different channels are added to According to broadcasting standards, channels must broadcast in broadcast formats such as RTMP or HLS. Channels that are not accessible in any of these formats and blocked for access to those formats are not added.

The above points must be considered if you want to add any channel to

Why can’t I watch TV channels broadcast on on my PC? is not available for all browsers. This site is available in popular and widely used browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer. Make sure you’re using one of these browsers. If you do not see this site on your PC even after using the correct browser, check that your PC’s TCP 1935 port is closed. You cannot open on your PC if the TCP 1935 port is closed. This port is currently open on any PC. You can’t open without activating TCP 1935 port. However, the port may be closed for several reasons. The reasons are mentioned below.

  • This port is closed due to some antivirus, programs and firewalls. Make sure your PC has such antivirus, programs and firewalls. For that reason, if the TCP 1935 port is closed, open it again or uninstall the antivirus, program and firewall if necessary.
  • If your PC is connected to a host-controlled network, your PC’s TCP 1935 port may be closed. Usually, it is turned off from the host computer for security reasons. You can contact the network administrator to resolve this.
  • The TCP 1935 port may have been closed if it had used the free internet service provided by various government agencies in different countries. Usually, playing video or audio slows down the internet line for others. This is why government agencies closed the TCP 1935 port. For example, the port of TCP 1935 was closed for free Internet connection users in institutions affiliated to the Turkish Ministry of National Education.
  • Many times this port may be turned off for modem use. In this case you need to change the modem settings or change the modem while using the modem.

Why is there incompatibility with scene and sound in my device?

There are times when watching a video is inconsistent with the scene and sound. Sound or scene becomes before or after. The causes of this problem are given below.

  • First of all let me tell you that our site is not responsible for this problem. We only broadcast live from different channels from our site. This problem is usually seen during a popular program or TV show or something else. The technical infrastructure of the channel is responsible for this. When a popular program or TV show or something else is broadcast, they fail to control it.
  • The second reason is your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or your internet speed is not high enough to watch high quality videos. If the connection speed is good, then there is a problem broadcasting the channel in your country or location.


After reading our article, you can now easily watch popular Turkish programs or TV shows on your Windows or Mac PC or Android use Canli TV izle. If you have problems watching any channel on, you can let us know.

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