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WeChat Download for Mac and Windows PC is one of the most popular social media apps of today. Many people do not know how to use it. However, read this article to know how to use this WeChat app.

What is WeChat App

WeChat Download for Mac

WeChat is one of the most versatile social media and messaging apps, released by Tencent. It has many wonderful features to connect the users to their own community or friends. On various platforms, WeChat’s countless features make WeChat an advanced and usable social media network.

According to over 1 billion customers, WeChat is the largest social media network in China at present. There are many social network platforms like facebook are blocked in china, WeChat is the best choice among the social media network users.

Features of WeChat App

As a social media app, WeChat has many features for communicating to each other. Either communication features are more wonderful using options for users and in a word it is a multipurpose app. So, the features of WeChat that are mostly used are given below.

Messaging And Calling App

WeChat is the best medium for exchanging messages and for free calls between users. Text and voice messaging, video calls, broadcast messaging and conference calls are included in its messaging functions. WeChat’s communication feature  can be used to message or call internationally both to and from china.

Share Localization

By turning on WeChat’s location service, we will be allowed to share your location with your friends. To direct you geo- localized ad content the same feature is used by the app. For marketing purposes, WeChat’s localization features are becoming more and more important day by day.

Scan QR code

In the WeChat you can Scan QR code to have quick access to a wide range of information and to add  a new friend. QR codes are very popular worldly as well as china. To redirect users to their products, QR code marketing has become an important channel.

WeChat Search Engine

To explore content within the social network, WeChat Search Engine included by Tencent. It doesn’t find content on the web but only searches within WeChat. For exploring the moments in your contents, articles on pracific topics or to discover other WeChat official accounts you can use the WeChat’s Search Engine functions. 

News Feed

You can use WeChat News Feed to post images, text and share music and also you can comment on your likes with your friends. The content which is posted through WeChat moments will be visible only to your group of friends. You will also find an option to link your WeChat’s News Feed to a Twitter and Facebook account so that on those platforms your WeChat News Feed will automatically  be posted. 

E- Wallet

WeChat E-Wallet is a most amazing  and popular feature. WeChat E-Wallet connects the App with your credit card or your bank account. You can use WeChat E-Wallet to make payments by scanning a code on your smartphone device.

WeChat Pay

WeChat payment system is the compacted system into WeChat. Using a smartphone WeChat allows you to complete a payment quickly. You can complete this payment by scanning a QR code. It’s a quick payment system and web- based or  in-app native payment method.

Mobile Top Up

Don’t worry about running out of credit on your mobile phone, if you run out of credit you don’t need to waste your time going to the nearest phone company office. You can simply use WeChat to top up your mobile phone.

Public Services

Public service section is the most important feature on WeChat. In this section you will allow you to have quick access to public services like the traffic status, weather forecast, making reservations, making hospitals registrations and paying public utility pees etc.

WeChat Official Account

You must open a WeChat official account if you want to use WeChat to promote your business. In WeChat, the official account grants companies the scope to get in touch with customers and promote their brand on WeChat’s platforms. So opening a WeChat official account is essential to doing business in China.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: Varies with devices
  • Category: Social Media App.
  • Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS
  • Developer: WeChat

How to Download WeChat App on Android

Price: Free
  • WeChat Screenshot
  • WeChat Screenshot
  • WeChat Screenshot
  • WeChat Screenshot
  • WeChat Screenshot

If you want to Download WeChat App on your Android smartphone very easily and quickly, you can follow the following directions.

  • Open the play store on your smartphone.
  • Type “WeChat” into the search bar of the play store. It’s at the top of the home screen.Then you will find a list of search results as you type.
  • Tap WeChat, it has a green icon with a couple of chat bubbles and this opens the app’s home screen.
  • Tap “INSTALL”, it is on the right side, and then you can see a confirmation window.
  • Tap “ACCEPT” ,  then OPEN bar will appear when your installation is completed. Now you can see a WeChat icon on your home screen.

How to Download WeChat App on iOS

Developer: WeChat
Price: Free+
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot
  • ‎WeChat Screenshot

If you want to download WeChat on your iphone, you can do it very easily by following the following method.

  • First, open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Tap the “Search” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Type “WeChat” into the search bar, then you will see a list of search results.
  • Tap WeChat.
  • Tap “Get”, the button will change to Install.
  • Then it will start downloading.
  • Enter your security code.
  • And then you can open WeChat.

How to Download WeChat App for Windows

There is an easy method to download WeChat Apps on your window. Just follow the below directions.

  • First you need to download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • To access the Play Store, complete Google sign-in. You can do it later.
  • Type WeChat into the search bar.
  • Click Install from the search results.
  • Complete Google sign-in to install WeChat App.
  • Now click the WeChat icon on the home screen, then it is ready to start.

How to WeChat Download for Mac

If you want to download WeChat App on macOS, follow the below methods.

  • Go to www. BlueSAtacks.com
  • Open the download file.
  • Then Install BlueStacks.
  • Type WeChat into the search bar.
  • Click on WeChat in the Google Play Store.
  • Click Install for download.
  • Now you can open WeChat.

How to Use WeChat App

WeChat is a social media App. There are many methods to use this app.To manage this app properly, you have to get the following directions.

How to Register WeChat Account

If you want to register an account on WeChat, Firstly you have to open WeChat. Then you will see the sign up button and touch it, you can now see the sign up screen. Now you have to choose the region you live in, and then it asks your mobile number, Type your phone number carefully and touch the Sign Up button. When it asks you to confirm your phone number, check your phone number and then touch the confirm button to sign up.

How to Verify WeChat account

After successfully registering, WeChat will send you a four digit verification code by a text message. In the enter code field, type the verification code carefully, and then touch the submit button.

If you didn’t get a verification code, then touch on No verification code received. And then touch Phone Call to get an automated phone call or touch Resend to get another text message with the verification code.

To verify WeChat app you need to be at least 13 years old and have your parent’s permission according to the WeChat terms of service.

How to Set Up WeChat Profile

If you want to set a WeChat profile, type your name in the Full Name field.

  • On this screen, you can also find a photo choosing option for your account (though it is optional).
  • Whatever name you want to use, you can type this in the Full Name field.

How to Find your friends on WeChat

WeChat App will ask you if you want to find WeChat friends. If you do not disagree to this, WeChat upload the names, phone numbers, and email addresses to your phone to the WeChat servers to find your friends using WeChat.

  • If you want to learn more about how WeChat will use your friend’s contract information, touch the Learn More icon.
  • If you don’t use this method now, you can do this later. In WeChat you can also add friends manually.

How to Add friends on WeChat

If you want to add new friends to your WeChat, You can do it very easily. So, follow the following directions.

First, open your WeChat app and touch contracts icon. Then you will see the Recommended Friends icon and touch it. Now you can see the friend list that you want, touch the Add icon to find this friends as your contracts list.

If you want to find your friend’s phone number, then touch the (+) icon in the top right corner.

If you want to find your friends who have a WeChat ID, type his/ her phone number in the search field.

FAQs of WeChat App

As a community App, WeChat has some Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ). The FAQs which are mostly asked by users are given below.

Is WeChat just like Whatsapp?

At bottom, the functions have on Whatsapp that all cover WeChat. So, functionally WeChat And  Whatsapp though similar but WeChat has many other advanced features. On WeChat you can text free short messages with an individual and with your groups by your smartphone.

Why is WeChat growing faster than Line?

Tencent is the parent company behind WeChat and it is the largest internet company in China. WeChat is converting users from its large user base QQ and which are virtually identical to one’s online identity in China. Rather, Tencent is considering WeChat as the next QQ. Now Tencent is not only focusing in China but also the rest of the smartphone world. For this reason, Its version is even more aspirant.

What languages and mobile platforms do WeChat support?

WeChat supports more than 15 languages besides its traditional language Chinese. WeChat is also in Arabic, English, Hindi, Malay,Japanese, Korean, Thai and more. It’s covered currently all four major mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android and symbian. The fifth one, Blackberry , is coming soon. So, wwe cna say its strategy is growing aggressively.

Can I also access WeChat through my computer?

Yes, through the web version you can still do basic text messaging and file transfer functions. You can use your WeChat mobile app to scan the QR code and then your account will be connected. You find in WeChat also a web- based admin tool for marketer to manage their account.

Should marketers quickly jump into WeChat?

If not, you have extra bandwidth from your agency and additional in- house resources, I would suggest you before opening an account for your brand test your drive personally. Every now and then a social network channel for a brand is a new investment. The platform of WeChat might be free but the resources you have to pour into are not.

Would you consider WeChat a social network service?

On mobile, WeChat is more like a fancy version of QQ. In Wechat the core fountain is still like chat or group chat, voice and text messaging etc. Its features are designed for socializing elective friends. WeChat needs the many to many nature that the other popular SNS have. WeChat is very different from other mainstream social networks on social quality.


As a social media App, WeChat Download for Mac has all kinds of features for communicating to individuals or groups of people. For good communication with your friends, WeChat App for Windows could be your first choice. Though WeChat is mostly familiar in China, it’s teams of service always trying their best to spread it globally. So, you can use WeChat App to get more social services.

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