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Here in this article, we are going to make a review about TickTick App. The app is very useful and effective as a task manager App. Using the Tick Tick App you are able to make schedules, manage your time, remind yourself about deadlines, stay focused and organize life at home. So, stay with us to know more about the Tick Tick App.

What is Tick Tick App?

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Tick Tick is a cross-platform and co-operative to-do app, that has some neat features suited to the getting things done method of working. Using this app, you can create custom task views for example and if you wish to jot down anything, it has an inbox for you that pops into your head.

Features of Tick Tick App

There are a few task managing features in the Tick Tick App. The wonderful features of Tick Tick app are given below.

Easy to Use

Tick Tick App is an App that you can use very easily. You can get started with the App with its personalized features and initiative design. You can add tasks and reminders in more seconds and then you can focus on this app on things that really matter.

Sync across web, Android, iOS, Mac and PC

The Tick Tick App is an app that you can use on your multiple devices. It is a very easy app to use on various platforms to view and manage them wherever you are to achieve your goals more effectively. 

Create tasks and notes faster

In Tick Tick App, you can create tasks and notes faster by voice input or typing. The Tick Tick App also allows date parsing, in the date info you enter automatically set as the due date for task reminders with alarm. You can stay as productive as you can with the app’s time manager and it’s to-do checklist.

Sleek calendar

On the Tick Tick App you get a clear overview of schedule, months or weeks ahead in to- do calendar- Day Planner for free. Third- party calendars can also be integrated such as Outlook, Google calendar etc.

Instant task to-do list reminder

You can keep your all things into Tick Tick App, instead of keeping in mind. It will provide you with an instant task to-do reminder and will remember everything for you.  You can also set a multiple notifications for your important task and note to never miss any deadline on the Tick Tick App.

Flexible recurring tasks

You can set your tasks to repeat for those that need to be done regularly by choosing a repeating period (Daily, weekly, weekdays or monthly etc. You can customize the recurrence, such as “every 2 weeks from Monday to Thursday ”, or “project meeting every 2 months on the first Monday ”. 

Handy Widget

There are various types of widgets, you can pick one of them like most. Using those widgets you can easily add to your notes and tasks by adding a checklist widget to your home screen.

Seamless collaboration

You can share your list and assign your goals with your family, friends and colleagues by using the Tick Tick App. It will take fewer hours in your meeting, phone calls and emails. So, you can improve your efficiency in a collaborative environment.

Built-in pomo timer

You will find a pomodoro timer in the Tick Tick App. The pomodoro timer can help log your distractions and stay more focused while at work. Try playing a white noise, it helps.

Habit tracker

You are able to set a habit tracker in the Tick Tick App. Enable your habit in the top bar and start building some good habits: meditation, exercise, or reading etc. Setting a goal to help track your habits and life in a more precise and scientific way.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free.
  • Size: Varies with device.
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Category: App
  • Developer: Appest Inc.

How to Download Tick Tick App on Windows

If you want to install Tick Tick App on your PC, you have to follow the simple steps bellow.

  • Open a browser on your PC. 
  • Now type ticktick.com download in the search box.
  • Then Click on the first download option.
  • Now can see the more download option on various devices.
  • Click on Download and direct a file.
  • Now double click on the file.
  • Then click on next button then click on Install button.
  • Now click finish button if the installing is finished.
  • Now you sign in and use the tick tick app!

How to Download Tick Tick App on Android

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

If you wish to Install The Tick Tick App on your android device, you can follow the following steps below.

  • At first Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Then Search for Tick Tick App.
  • Now The Tick Tcik App will appear, tap on Tick Tick App.
  • Then you will see the Install button and tap on it.
  • Now wait for a while to install.
  • Then tap on the Open button, it is ready to use! 

How to use Tick Tick App

Tick Tick App is a familiar app for multiple devices. It very easy to on your various devices. If you wish to use the app very easily, you can follow the following directions.

Save Articles for later and Maintain a Watchlist

Tick Tick App has many organization features as you can your articles, movies, books and also any contents to the tick tick app that you are planning to consume later. So, tick tick users can’t use a separate read- it- later app.

In the tick tick app, you can also create a new list these are known as Watchlist and Read later. To perform this, you can have to come across an article or TV show recomendation you would like to revisit later or you can simply dump it in those lists.

Alternatively, you can also make use of TickTick’s tags facility, if you don’t want dedicated lists for each type of content. Tick Tick tag tab ias an wonderful feature that allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Manage your time with the pomodoro timer

People who often face trouble focussing on the task at hand, Tick Tick apps offer for their a pomodoro timer. If you wish to set up pomo timer on your computer, click a task and under the three-dot menu present on the prompt’s bottom right corner, hit Start Pomo Timer.

The pomo timer is available as a dedicated tab on the button on tick tick’s mobile clients. If you can’t find it, head over to Settings< Tab Bar and enable the Pomo option.

On TickTick’s desktop apps, click a task > click on the three-dot menu > Start Pomo Timer.

Add Remainders 

You can set reminders on TickTick can be triggered with the help of geolocation. To add location-based reminders, tap a to-do and go to the three-dot menu > Location. Now, navigate to the location where the reminder should go live.

FAQs about Tick Tick App

As a familiar App, the Tick Tick App has many FAQs (Frequently Anwered Questions). The most common FAQs of Tick Tick App are given below.

How do I use Tick Tick App?

It is very easy and fun to add tasks to the Tick Tick App. You can even use voice input in your Tick Tick App. When you add time information and date in a task, the Tick Tick App automatically parses it into a reminder.

Is Tick Tick App free?

Tick Tick app is a free app fotr multiple devices users.Its features have a simple UI and most of the desirable features are on the free version. TickTick is one of the many to-do list apps available for Android, but its feature-set and presentation make it one of the leading champs. 

Is Tick Tick App safe?

The Tick Tick App is a safe and secure app for its users. Millions of users trust on Tick Tick App tro keep their date secure, safe and private. So, your it is safe for you.

How do I delete my Tick Tick account?

First Sign In to Tick Tick on the web. Then you have to Click the avatar at the top left corner and go to Settings. Now Click in the left panel and Select  Delete Account.


Tick Tick App is an wonderful task managing app all over the world.  It has an excellent interface and intuitive to use. Using this app, you can create custom task views for example and if you wish to jot down anything, it has an inbox for you that pops into your head. So, you can use this app to manage your tasks.

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