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One of the best game companies is Tencent gaming buddy or Gameloop for Mac and windows. Tencent’s games are designed for mobile, but you have no reason to despair. They have developed an emulator for you called Tencent Emulator, through which you can download and play these games on PC. In this article, we will provide a guide for Tencent Emulator for Windows & Mac PC. This allows you to download and use Tencent Emulator on your PC.

What Is Tencent Emulator

Tencent gaming buddy

Tencent emulator for PC is known to gamers by several names. For example, Tencent Gaming Buddy, Tencent Gaming Assistant, PUBG emulator and GameLoop. Originally it is an Android emulator, created for tencent games including PUBG games. The features available in the emulator are perfect for tencent games. This is a free emulator with advanced configuration. You can customize the configuration and game controls. You can play games online with friends. Also, there are many more features.


Game Center

Tencent Emulator has a section called Game Center where there are different categories of games for you. Categories include RPG, Casual, Arcad, ‌ Strategy, MMORPG, ‌ Auto Battler, ACT. The categories include PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. There are many more social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in the application category. The Game Center section is Tencent Emulator’s own games store.

Easy to navigate

If you compare Tencent with other emulators, you will see that the interface of Tencent emulator is very simple. You don’t need to be skilled or need any knowledge to navigate it. New users can play Android games without any problem. Also this emulator is lightweight which does not affect your device. You can easily download and install it on your PC.

More configuration

The emulator has more configuration than any other emulator. Which you can customize as you need. You cannot use a mouse, keyboard and gamepad to play games on mobile. But the emulator allows you to use all three and you can easily configure the keys for the actions.

Social media

This emulator has its own social media. Its games are available as multiplayer. Its interface has a built-in friend list and user discovery opportunities. If the friends are not active, you can give a text or voice message through the official lobby. Also, you can watch live streams of different gamers through Nemo TV.

Advanced audio

The audio of the game is an important thing that makes the game interesting. Gamers get real experience due to realistic audio while playing games. Tencent uses the Unreal Engine 4 feature and is a popular emulator to gamers due to its 3D sound effects.

UHD resolution

Tencent gaming buddy supports UHD resolution to give you an enhanced gaming experience. The emulator allows installation at a frame rate of 60fps. You can select HD or Full-HD or UHD resolution depending on the configuration of the PC. If you want to use UHD resolution, your PC needs to be up to date, although the emulator supports older versions of the PC.

Realistic elements

When you play an action game, if its elements are realistic then you can enjoy the game. Vehicles, firearms and weapons seem realistic because of Tencent’s advanced graphics. This allows you to feel every moment.

Supports older version PCs

Tencent is an emulator that gamers usually use on their PC. This emulator has been specially developed for games. Those who like to play PUBG get the benefit of a big screen using this emulator on PC. The emulator supports older (minimum windows 7) versions of PC. As a result you can play other popular games on PCs besides PUBG where many emulators do not support older versions of PCs.

Also, Tencent for PC allows you to download and use it for free. You can play games and chat with your friends online. You can purchase various games through the online marketing feature.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: 9.6 MB
  • Category: Android Emulator
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS
  • Developer: Tencent
Tencent gaming buddy

To download the Tencent emulator for your Windows or Mac PC, click the Download Link button.

How to Download Tencent gaming buddy on PC(Windows)

  • Download Tencent.
  • Go to the download folder and open the exe. file.
  • Then, click the Install button. It will take time to install based on your PC’s configuration.


Is gameloop safe?

Yes, GameLoop is considered a safe and reliable Android emulator for playing mobile games on a PC. However, as with any software, it is always a good idea to practice safe computing habits, such as keeping your operating system and software up to date and avoiding downloading and installing any unknown or untrusted software.

What are the minimum system requirements of Tencent gaming buddy for PC?

  • Operating System> Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor> Intel Core i3-8100
  • RAM> 4 GB or 6 GB virtual
  • Graphics Card> Direct X 11.0 + supported NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • Free space> 2 GB

What are the differences between PUBG Mobile and Tencent Emulator?

PUBG Mobile and Tencent Emulator are equally important for playing PUBG games. You will see the difference in terms of mobile experience. One of the differences is the player base. PUBG can detect emulators and you can use a keyboard or gamepad to control game actions. But it is not possible on mobile.

One more thing is to prevent hackers. Tencent emulators do their best to prevent hackers, although there are more hackers in the emulator than in mobile.

There are also some differences that you will notice while playing the game.

Why has my account been canceled?

Users’ accounts are usually canceled due to a breach of the Terms of Service. Your account may be canceled when suspicious activity is organized on your account. Suspicious activity includes cheating, hacking, making unauthorized changes, modifying automation software, GFX, plugins and scripts, fraudulent refunds or making illegal purchases. Also, gaining benefits that are not supported by the creators of the apps or games may result in cancellation of your account.

How do I restore my account?

If you believe you have not done something that could cause your account to be canceled, you should submit an appeal. To do this you click the “File Claim” button at the bottom of the dialog box and submit an application. You will be answered based on the number of applications. You have to wait patiently, because it can take a long time.

How can I increase the speed of the Tencent emulator?

After downloading Tencent emulator on your PC, it gives you the best performance. If you want to increase performance, you need to upgrade your PC’s RAM, graphics card, operating system, and uninstall any antivirus tools if you have them installed. Also, FPS and resolution will have to be reduced, but the visual quality of the game will deteriorate.

Is PUBG free for Tencent for PC?

The PC version of PUBG is not free but the mobile version of PUBG is free. Tencent emulator is mobile version, so PUBG is free for your PC.


Tencent gaming buddy is a great emulator for Tencent’s game players. Gameloop has no alternative to play PUBG on PC. If you want to play Android games for another company, you can try alternatives. If you can’t play PUBG or other Tencent games in this emulator, update your PC as per our instructions.

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