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Here in this article, we are going to review MySugr App. My Sugar App is a familiar App nowadays. It is a diabetes logbook. My Sugar App keeps your diabetes data under control. So, to know more about the My Sugr diabetes App and its benefits stay with us. We think this article will be helpful to you.

What is MySugr App?

mysugr app

My Sugr App is a loyal and free diabetes outbook. My Sugar diabetes App keeps your diabetes data under control. It has some wonderful features with an easy and personalized dashboard. Using this App you will find your  diet, meds, carb intake and blood glucose levels very easily. You can also set your blood glucose target values in this app.

Features of My Sugr App

As a health-related app, MySugr has many user friendly features. The wonderful features of My Sugr App are given below.

  • In this app, you can add, modify or delete daily blood sugar levels, meals, insulin dosage and time when the test is done with remarks.
  • The other feature is you can see your history for a specific date range and you can analyze them using pie charts, statistics and tablets.
  • My Sugar App’s statistics provide you min, max,average insulin dosage, average blood sugar and an estimated HbA1c value.
  • This app also supports L/ mmol and dl/mg format.
  • My Sugr App allows you to set your own blood glucose target values.
  • This app uses color coding to depict high, low and normal values.
  • It creates reports in MS Excel format that can be shared with others.

Basic Information

  • Price: free.
  • Size: Varies with devices.
  • Category: App.
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
  • Developer: mySugr GmbH.

User Manual of My Sugr App

As a very useful app, My Sugr App has many many pacific paths to use the app properly. In this section you find proper direction to use the my sugr app. So, follow the below user manual.

Access to your profile

If you wish to access your profile, Settings and more, you have to use the side menu. Using the side menu you can change your application settings, personal and therapy.

You can enter more specific details about you, your diabetes diagnosis date and your diabetes type if you wish. Change the password at the bottom if needed.

Enter your name, email address, date of birth and gender. If you need to change your email address in the future, you are able to do this in this option. You can also change your password or log out in this section.

Add an entry

If you wish to add an entry in your My Sugar App, you have to follow the below direction. So, perform the following direction.

  • First open your MySugr App.
  • Now tap on the plus sign.
  • Change date, time and location if you wish/ needed.
  • Then take a picture of your food.
  • Now enter blood glucose,nutrition,carbs, pills, insulin details, blood pressure, activity, weight, HbA1c, ketones and notes.
  • Now select tags.
  • Then tap on the reminder icon to get the reminder menu, and move the slider to the desired time.
  • Then you have to save entry.
  • Finally you do it!

Edit an entry

If you’d like to edit your entry on My Sugr App, you have to follow the below directions.

  • First slide on the right.
  • Then tap edit.
  • Now edit your entry.
  • Then tap the green check to save the changes or if you wish to cancel or go back, tap the X icon. 

Delete an entry

If you wish to delete an entry on your MySugr , you have to follow the below directions.

  • Tap on the entry or swipe on the right.
  • Then tap delete entry.
  • You do it properly!

Search an entry

If you wish to search an entry on your MySugr , you can follow the below directions.

  • First tap on the magnifying glass. 
  • Now you have to use filters to receive appropriate results.

Earn Points

In this App, you can earn points for each action you take to care for yourself. The goal is to fill that bar with points each and every day. The points values are:

  • 1 Point: Tags, more pics, pills, notes, meal tags. 
  • 2 Points: blood glucose, meal entry, location, bolus (pump)/ insulin short acting, description of meal, temp basal, blood pressure, weight, ketones.
  • 3 Points: first pic, activity, activity description, HbA1c.


You can coach in the MySugr diabetes app & blood sugar tracker very easily. You can find a coaching option in the side menu. If you wish to coach, you have to complete the following options.

  • First you have to complete the assessment forms.
  • Now press next to continue.
  • Then you have to press finish to send your first message to your coach.
  • Now tap on the side icon to send your message.
  • Then tap on “Buy Now” to go to the payment screen.

Import CGM data through CSV or TXT into mysugr

If you wish to Import CGM data through CSV or TXT into mysugr, you can follow the below methods.

  • If you are a computer user, login to your mySugr account at and find “Importer” in the side menu.
  • Then drag the .csv file from your CGM program into the upload area.
  • Now the mySugr monsters will load it into your account and crunch the data. It should only take a moment or two.
  • Once it’s complete, start the mySugr App on your smartphone.
  • Then your CGM data will appear in the graph as soon as the synchronization is finished!

Import CGM through Apple Health (iOS only)

If you want to import CGM through Apple Health, follow the following directions.

  • First you have to make sure that Apple Health is enabled in this App settings and make sure that sharing for blood glucose is enabled in the Apple Health settings.
  • Now open the mySugr App and the CGM data will appear in the graph.
  • The Health app will display the Sharer’s glucose information with a three-hour delay.

FAQs about MySugr diabetes app & blood sugar tracker

As a familiar app, MySugr has many FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). There are some FAQs of MySugr diabetes app & blood sugar tracker given below.

How does MySugr diabetes app & blood sugar tracker work?

It is very easy to work with the mySugr scanner app you can scan your blood sugar values from your meter right to your iPhone. If you use the mysugr Logbook App, your imported blood sugar values will be automatically synchronized. This can work without any cables, Bluetooth, WiFi or other complicated technology.

Is MySugr App free?

From the App Store and Google Play Store, this App is free to download. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, mySugr Pro is available for free.

How can I check Sugar level? 

Insert a test strip into your meter. Prick the side of your fingertip with the needle provided with your test kit. Touch and hold the edge of the test strip to the drop of blood. The meter will display your blood sugar level on a screen after a few seconds.

What is normal blood sugar level by age?

The normal blood sugar level by age are:(for adolescents)

20+ years of agemg/ dL
FastingLess then 100
Before Meal70-130
1-2 hours after eatingLess then 180


MySugr App is very useful as Mobile health (mHealth) solutions such as diabetes self-management apps improve glycated hemoglobin, particularly those that provide a feedback loop between patient and health care provider. You can analyse you health data very easily using this app.

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