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Google Reviews have become a vital tool for businesses to increase their online presence and reputation. Reviews can significantly impact potential customers’ decisions and influence whether or not they choose to do business with a company. However, not all reviews are positive, and negative reviews can harm a business’s reputation. In this article, we will discuss how to delete a Google review and provide some points to consider before doing so.

how to delete a google review

Determine if the review violates Google’s policies

Before attempting to delete a Google review, it is essential to determine whether the review violates Google’s policies. Google has strict guidelines that reviews must follow. Reviews that contain offensive language, hate speech, or false information may be removed. If a review violates Google’s policies, it is easier to have it removed. Google provides users with the option to flag a review that violates their policies, and they will investigate the issue.

Respond to the review

Before deleting a review, it is always best to respond to it. Responding to a review can show potential customers that you care about their feedback and are willing to address any issues they may have had. A response can also help resolve any misunderstandings and potentially turn a negative review into a positive one. If the reviewer is satisfied with your response, they may even remove the negative review themselves.

Contact Google

If you believe that a review violates Google’s policies, but it has not been removed after flagging it, you can contact Google directly. You can contact Google through the Google My Business Help Center. Google will investigate the review and determine whether it violates their policies. If the review does violate their policies, Google will remove it.

Ask the reviewer to remove the review

If the review does not violate Google’s policies and you have responded to it, you can contact the reviewer and ask them to remove the review. Many reviewers are willing to remove negative reviews if their concerns are addressed. It is essential to be polite and professional when asking the reviewer to remove the review.

Use legal means

In rare cases, negative reviews may violate laws such as defamation or libel. If you believe that a review violates the law, you may need to take legal action. In such cases, it is best to seek legal counsel before proceeding.

Points to consider before deleting a Google review

The impact on your online reputation

Deleting a negative review may seem like a quick solution to a problem, but it can have negative consequences for your online reputation. If potential customers see that you have deleted negative reviews, they may question your integrity and trustworthiness. It is important to consider whether the negative review is an accurate reflection of your business and whether deleting it is worth the potential damage to your reputation.

The potential backlash

Deleting a negative review can lead to backlash from the reviewer and other customers. If the reviewer feels that their opinion has been silenced, they may leave negative feedback elsewhere. It is essential to consider whether deleting the review is worth the potential backlash.

The impact on customer trust

If customers see that negative reviews are being deleted, they may question the authenticity of the positive reviews. Trust is crucial in business, and deleting negative reviews can harm customer trust.


Google Reviews are an essential tool for businesses to build their online reputation and attract new customers. However, negative reviews can harm a business’s reputation. It is important to consider the impact of deleting a negative review before doing so. In some cases, it may be best to respond to the review and attempt to resolve the issue. If the review violates Google’s policies, flagging it or contacting Google directly may be the best course of action. It is essential to consider the potential impact on your online reputation, potential backlash, and customer trust before deleting a review.

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