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Today we are going to explain to you about the Cuemath App. It is the staple educational app for your kids. The students of kindergarten to class 10. For find brain training, live online classes with coding & math tutors, math games, and other tools for them to build problem-solving skills and raise their IQ on the app. 

What is Cuemath App?

Cuemath App

Cuemath is a free learning app that provides live classes with coding & math tutors, math games & other tools for kids. Using the app, kids can earn problem-solving skills and improve their IQ. Cuemath will make the students an olympian problem solver with  10 minutes of daily brain training. So, the app is very useful for kids. 

Features of Cuemath App

The app is very famous for its awesome features. Its features have made the app famous all over the world. The features of the app are given below.

Math Gym

You can train your brain with Math Gym. You will find the following features of the app.

  • Math Gym is a free brain training tool for our learning app. It contains 50+ math games, math puzzles, brain games and math riddles to help kids improve their memory, IQ, speed, focus, calculation and accuracy.
  • The brain games and math games are capable. The levels of brain games based on questions, attempted after assessing a kid’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. To track the kid’s progress, we have tried our best to provide in-depth analytics. 
  • Math Gym covers all aspects of brain training through simple math games on arithmetic and advanced brain games on reasoning, aptitude, algebra, geometry, data-ai,coding etc.
  • 10 minutes of playing Math Gym everyday can increase kids’ IQ and cognitive skills.
  • The brain games and math games are designed to make learning interesting and fun for kids. Kids also get rewarded with Cue Coins after each attempt and Math Stones after each level up.

Live Online Classes with Coding and Math Tutors

The math & coding-free class has the following features of the app.

  • Through the learning app, You can now book and manage Cuemath’s flagship live online classes for kids with coding and math tutors. However, the classes take place on a laptop/computer.
  • The learning app, delivered by expert coding & math tutors who make learning interactive and they help with doubt solving. The app has no video recording option.
  • The online courses are designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge. They are available for kids of Kindergarten, class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9 and class 10.
  • The app also provides in-depth analytics to track progress of both classwork and homework.

Multiplication Games

There are some features options to learn tables with multiplication games. The features of the app-related multiplication games are given below.

  • You can test your multiplication skills and Learn any multiplication table by playing multiplication games in different orders like forward, dodge or reverse.
  • Learning option, the ability to multiply two numbers within seconds, will elevate kids’ calculation speed.
  • The learning app offers free multiplication games for kids.

How Cuemath App Works

Cuemath equips its students with a personalized training program. The program is called “Math Gym”. The Math Gym session has the following characteristics.

  • The app has a daily Math Gym session. The daily Math Gym session lasts for 10 minutes. During 10 minutes, the student plays 3 to 5 math games.
  • Math Gym maximizes results by adjusting to the student’s skill level factoring in performance, grade, and age.
  • The difficulty progression system is auto-calibrated but also curated by in-house experts to ensure every student’s experience remains enjoyable yet challenging.
  • These math games cover multiple math concepts and are refreshed everyday for maximum engagement.

FAQs about Cuemath App

There are many FAQs about the learning app. Cuemath is very familiar with its user-friendly features. In this section, we are going to mention the most common FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions) of the app. These are given below.

Is Cuemath App free?

Cuemath is a free app for class 1 to class 10 students. An interesting thing is, more than 400k kids around the world use the Cuemath learning app every month. Users can improve their math and coding skills.

How do I install Cuemath App on my laptop?

You can install the app from Google Play Store using an android emulator or download the Cuemath APK file. Once the APK file is downloaded, open the file with the android emulator or you can drag the file into the emulator window to install Cuemath: Math Games, Online Classes & Learning App for PC.

What is Cuemath OTP?

OTP refers to One Time Password. You will get OTP through SMS on your registered phone number. If you wish to get OTP, you have to register Cuemath by phone number.

Is Cuemath good for students?

Cuemath helps students to improve their ability to analyze and solve complex problems. The app’s tragedy is conceptual learning by introducing every math concept either through an activity or pictorial models. Then, Cuemath teachers help students by not giving the answers away.


Cuemath App helps your kids to build good mathematical skills. Cuemath’s students can perform well in their classes and as well as in other programs. The app also helps the child to focus on critical perspective and cumath also helps the child on their analytical thinking.

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