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Brilliant Connect app is a free communication app. By installing the app you will get everything inside one, such as unlimited free text messaging, group chatting, video calls, send photos, videos, files, location and voice messages etc. By reading this article you will know the details (features, how to use all features).

Brilliant connect app

What is brilliant connect app

Brilliant Connect is a Bangladeshi app that allows you to talk as well as share different types of documents or content. Its call rate is much cheaper than other operators. Below is a detailed discussion of this communication app.


App to app/app to mobile / app to PSTN unlimited voice calling

You want to communicate with friends through an app, but your friend does not have the app installed. No tension, the Brilliant Connect app is enough for you. With this app you can make voice calling on app / mobile / PSTN. Where data from the app to call the app will be charged to you and the provider data charges. And mobile or PSTN voice calling rates are comparatively much lower. You can also make a video call if you want to see your best friend.

Record and share video and voice messages

Today is your friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary, but you can’t congratulate him? Make a congratulatory video and share it with your dear friend with just two clicks.

Unlimited text messages with security

There are many messaging apps that allow you to do unlimited text messaging but most apps do not have security. But our text messaging gives you the opportunity to do unlimited text massage as well as security. Which saves you from the expensive expense of massaging different mobile operators. But it is mandatory to have data.

Encrypted Secure Communication

This great app is not only secure, it is also securely encrypted. For this you need to apply encryption. Encryption can be used to send various content such as text messages, photos, audio / video clips etc. The authority of this app also cannot decrypt the encrypted text.

Create groups and add family or workgroups

Once you have the app installed on your device, you can create groups for more than one family member or friend or office colleague. You can easily create groups to share text messages, photos, audio/video clips and more with many people at once.

Share memories from the photo gallery

Memories remind us of the past. There is a lot of joy, sorrow, a lot of things not to be found in the memory. If you want, you can share your memories with your friends from the photo gallery of your smart device. You can also share it in groups.

Express emotion with stickers

Hundreds of words can be expressed in just one gesture. The hints are given as stickers in this app. Go to the settings menu to download the stickers for free. You can easily express your emotions through stickers. If you are Bangladeshi or understand the Bengali language then you will easily get Bangla language stickers, because it is a Bangladeshi communication app.

Easily share location

Share your current location with your friends using the Brilliant connect app on your device. Your friend has come to your home but can’t find your exact address? You asked your friend to share his location. All you have to do is tap the “Share Location” option to share the location with just one click.

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How to download the brilliant connect app on Android

Brilliant Connect
Brilliant Connect
Developer: InterCloud Limited
Price: Free
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot
  • Brilliant Connect Screenshot

How to use brilliant connect app

Below, various instructions for using this app.

How do I upload National Identity Card (NID)?

How to upload your National Identity Card (NID) to avail offnet calls using this app. Follow the instructions below to upload the NID.

  • Open the app at the beginning.
  • Tap on Settings option.
  • Then, tap on your profile.
  • Select the Add Document option.
  • You will see four options for your information. Without tapping on the options, tap on the Forward button on the bottom right. It is best to have your national identity card in front of you to provide the information.
  • Then, upload your full name, date of birth, NID number and front image and back image of your national identity card. Tap the submit button. Now you can see the “Submitted” next to the Add Document option in your profile.
  • A message will arrive in the inbox and the offnet call facility will be turned on.
  • Then, below the profile image you will see your Brilliant Number.


What is PSTN?

The full form of PSTN is public switched telephone network. It is a telephone network system that operates nationally or regionally in addition to local telephony operators. PSTN is a digital communication system that includes smart mobiles and other networks and telephones.


I hope you have read today’s article about the Brilliant connect app. And its information will be useful for you. We have tried to give some information here. If you still have any questions about this app, let us know in the comment box.

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