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Amino App for PC is one of the best community and chat app. It has been developed for all ages people to explore a new type of video. However, after reading this article, you can easily use the Amino Chat app on Windows PC or Mac PC. Let’s get started!

What is the Amino App

amino app for pc

Amino App for PC is a social media App. The main shape of the Amino App is communities devoted to certain topics. In this App, users can also communicate with other members in three ways, such as text, voice, or screaming room. You can also make a Video chat with the members with voice chat.

In the past, Amino was used as a network of separate apps, its own area, and communities. The company created a portal through which the users can access each Amino. If you want to download apart from the Amino chats app, there are available separate Amino Apps still now. Those separate Aminos Apps functions are the same as the Amino on the main platforms.

So you understand, Amino is now an ecosystem of mobile apps, some of which are governed by a master App and others which are stand-alone. It is not going to disappear from the main portal to download the same Amino separately. In the future Amino platforms will grow, then the company will turn bigger.


There are two types of staff members in each community: the Leader and the Curator. Leaders are the higher rank. They have permission to access all features on the community, such as being able to edit themes, punish players, and many more. On the other hand, Curators have fewer perks, and they mainly focus on the management of the community when Leaders are not around. They mainly post the announcement for users to see. 

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: 48 MB
  • Category: App
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Developers: Narvii, Inc

Features of Amino App

The Amino App for PC is always familiar with its wonderful features. There are few potential features on Amino App that you would use very easily; these are given below.

Watch videos, stories and read blogs

On Amino App, you can enjoy videos, stories, and blogs covering all interests. These features are from Art and Anime to K-Pop and video games, created by passionate fans like you.

Explore Communities

Rampage with thousands of super friendly fans, Amino communities are safe spaces. You can join to discover deep Stories, analyses, blogs, fans posts, polls, recommendations, quizzes, images, cosplay, journeys, and any things else that you can imagine.

Chat your community people around the world

On Amino App, you can chat global and community chats that are completely anonymous and full of new friends. Amino App provides you to discuss DIY projects, Indie Games, and Nightcore. To show people exactly how you are feeling, you can use thousands of stickers. And you can make more friends on the internet folk you click with.

Create stories, polls, quizzes, blogs and more

Another great feature of the Amino App is, in this App, you can also upload videos, gifs, and pictures into the scene. Then you can shine it as a story with our built-in video editing features. Also, you can add text, horizontal videos, and background music.

Customize profile

The digital features of the Amino App have included a beautiful profile frame, saucy chat bubbles, and handcrafted stickers to stand out from the crowd in communities and chat. We think that looks great on you. 

How to Download Amino Chats App on Android

Amino: Communities und Chats
Amino: Communities und Chats
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
  • Open the play store of your Android device.
  • Type “Amino” in search bar press enter.
  • Then, select “Amino: Communities and Chat.”
  • Click the Install button.
  • After installation, open this app to create an account.

How to Download Amino Chats App on iOS (iPhone)

‎Amino: Communities and Fandom
‎Amino: Communities and Fandom
  • Open the app store of your Android device.
  • Type “Amino” in search bar press enter.
  • Then, select “Amino: Communities and Chat.”
  • Click the Get button.
  • After installation, open this app to create an account.
Amino app for PC

How to Download Amino Chat App on Windows PC

You need to use Android Emulator for Amino App for PC. Follow the steps below to install and download the Amino Chat app on your Windows PC.

  • Open Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Then, open the Play Store on the home screen of the emulator.
  • Type “Amino” in search bar press enter.
  • Then, select “Amino: Communities and Chat.”
  • Click the Install button.
  • An Amino will appear on your pc screen and emulator screen.
  • After installation, open this app to create an account.

To know details about Bluestacks Android Emulator, Read: Bluestacks for PC

How to Download Amino Chat App on MacOS PC

You need to use Android Emulator for Amino App for macOS. Follow the steps below to install and download the Amino Chat app on your Mac PC.

  • Open Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Then, open the App Store on the home screen of the emulator.
  • Type “Amino” in search bar press enter.
  • Then, select “Amino: Communities and Chat.”
  • Click the Get button.
  • An Amino will appear on your pc screen and emulator screen.
  • After installation, open this app to create an account.

How to Delete Amino Account

The Amino Chat app is a great app to stay in touch with the community of your choice. If you still want to delete the app without using it for any reason, then follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Amino account.
  • Then, go to the app’s settings.
  • Select account.
  • Then, click Delete Account.
  • Finally, enter the password and click Confirm to confirm the deletion.

Note: If you want to re-create the account with the email address or phone number used in the deleted account, you have to wait for 7 days.

Amino App

Amino App For Android is totally for the user. You can create an Amino account with a Facebook account, email address, or mobile number. Users are ensouled to create a profile with a username and image. Then you are asked to share your location when you join Amino. We are not interested in doing so, and not encourage others to as well.

If you wanted to join different Aminos, we were taken to the explore page to create our account. At the top of the page, there was a slider for featuring Amino on Black Panther, the music group Twenty-one pilots, and the show seven universes. At the top picks of 8 BitRyan, there was a carousel amino featuring, well- known online gamer and YouTuber.

You can read descriptions that will give an idea of the purpose of each community, as you explore various amino.

Individual Free Amino Apps 

On entering an individual Amino App, a user is taken to the featured page, which has the current features posts. The latest feed on can show posts in chronological order. Through configuration, each Amino App is completely different. But of the following features they all have some variation:

  • Public chat room
  • Image
  • Link 
  • Pool
  • Quiz 
  • Answer And Questions
  • Blog 
  • Wiki Entry 

To interact with other members look different on the Amino. For linking to YouTube, a community chat in which members can talk to each other on any topic, and polls page the Indie Music Plus Amino has a section. In Stephen King Amino has a quizzes page next to its featured page, then a page where people can view public chats rooms on various topics.

Other Aminos have sections called External Content. One of them is Indie Music Plus links to Reddit. Even if a device’s browsers are disabled, one can still browse the internet by Amino Apps. As mentioned in the features, there is also a feature called the screaming room that enables users to watch the same videos together.

So, joining on Amino gives you immediate access to strangers, and you will be able to talk to them over text chat, video chat, or voice chat. Then you joined Indie Music Amino called “The Neighbourhood,” to the right of the App is a picture of a chat.

Popularity Of Amino

Amino Apps have major popularity all over the world. The users of Amino Apps are mostly between 14 and 24 years old, but they do not release the number of users on their platforms. How many people have downloaded Amino and its similar Apps that they will say? There is a notable thing about how long its users spend on the App. About 70 minutes of average time, people currently spend on the platform. On both Facebook And Snapchat, which is the same amount of time users spend. 

Amino has been completely funded by capitalists, but Anderson says the company designs to generate revenue through selling digital goods. Leaders of the different Amino communities will share revenue. They have said that Amino is now focusing on its live features and working on maximizing that users can do together in real-time.

The Reason Of Its Popularity

The users get involved with several Aminos, So it’s easy to guess how teens could get sucked into the Amino App. Though, it was encouraging for us to explore and use more Aminos.

In the Amino Apps, you get connected right away to communities of people who love what you love, and provide what it claims to be. We are genuinely interested that it is very fun to see what other people like and make posts of our own about the pacific topics. To interact with people, there are a lot of opportunities, and it is very entertaining to explore in the interest of depth.

On the other hand, especially the teens who are less popular than most of their peers, this can feel like a safe haven. Most teens tend to like similar things like music, movies, and sports, etc. But there are some students who are into things that very few students at their school even know about. This can lead to them feeling like an outcast, or at the very least, and that they don’t belong. Which they belong and aspect Amino helps to connect and find with the community.

As many parents have said to us teens about anything, the teens can find quickly and easily a community of people who support their position. Consequently, understanding the parent’s, in most teen’s minds and validating the teen’s positions, it became a case of “Your truth vs. my troth.”

What can I do on Amino Chats and Communities

On the Amino App, there are open privacy settings through the community. So, everyone can join. Members create all kinds of public content dedicated to their community. On Aminos you can post about your favorite shows, You can create a quiz testing other members, a poll about your pro athletes, or knowledge of a pop star’s favorite food. But private or approval requires permission to join, and members can do the same things but in a less public setting.

In the Aminos App, you can chat on public or private chats, in a group or one-on-one continuity.

To create a public chat in the community, anyone should open this chat. It required an invitation to join a private chat.

To display the username, each member has a profile and unique profile tied to that particular community. Members are approved to use different nicknames in each of their communities. We inspire you to speak with teens about not sharing personal information on Amino or any other online platforms: including real name, phone number, and exact location information. 

More FAQs about Amino Apps

There are some most common FAQs in Amino Apps. People want to know this FAQs most of the time. Those are given below:

Are there any differences between Amino And My Standalone?

To interact with more than one community and switch between those communities quickly and easily while Amino is the best way, some communities also have dedicated Standalone Apps. You will have the same experience: the same features, same content- Whether you access your community through Amino App or Standalone App. So, there are the same features between the two Apps.

Who is the Leader of my community?

To curate the best content, manage the community, and make sure the other members follow the rules, every community has at least one member—select “ Leader” in the left slide panel to who is in charge of your community. If you face any difficulties, you can complain to the in charge. To learn more about leaders and curators, click here.

How do I manage my push notification settings?

When you download Amino App, you will be asked whether you want to receive a push notification for the App. You can disable push notification at this stage will prevent you from receiving notification for anywhere of your communities. You can easily change this setting on your android or iOS devices.

iOS: Setting→ Notifications → Amino.

Android: Setting → Apps → Amino → Show Notifications.


It’s easy to say every new App is another opportunity for your children to be harmed and corrupted with all of the dangerous presents on the internet. However, there is usually something good at the root of whatever human being creates; it’s important to recognize. It’s notable that the idea behind Amino App is good, but with children in mind, it’s creator did not make it, and pearls are real.

Our first priority should be relying on the Lord for wisdom and praying. Then we must explore relationships with our children. Let’s make it your goal to discipline more than controlling their behavior, their hearts to love what God loves, hate what He hates, and to choose what He really wants.

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