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Peak games free online toon blast app for PC is a fun Android game for people of all ages. You can also play the game on your Windows & Mac. Today’s article is about the tricks and tips of Toon Blast, “Peak games free online app toon blast for Windows & Mac PC.” Let’s start reading.

toon blast app

What is Toon Blast App? 

Toon Blast is a famous game all over the world. Its multiple platforms is the main reason for its popularity. Toon Blast is a free game and you can install or download it very easily from its related scores. In this game, you can create your own team and compete with others teams in the puzzle world.

Basic Information

  • Size: 429.3 MB. 
  • Price: free.
  • Category: Games.
  • Platform: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS. 
  • Developer: Peak games.

How to Download Toon Blast On Android

Toon Blast
Toon Blast
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

It is very easy to Download or Install Toon Blast on your Android Smartphone. If you want to do so, just follow the below steps.

  • Open the “Play Store” on your Smartphone.
  • Type Toon Blast in the search box.
  • Look for Toon Blast and tap the “Install” icon.
  • Wait for a while for downloading.
  • Now you can see the “Open” button and tap it to play the Toon Blast game.

How to Download Toon Blast On Windows

If you wish to download Toon Blast on Windows, you can follow the steps to make it very easy. 

  • First, you have to Download and Install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • To access the play store, complete the Google sign-in.
  • Type Toon Blast in the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Now Click “Install” from the search result.
  • If your install is completed, click the Toon Blast icon on the home screen. 
  • Finally, you can start playing the Toon blast game.

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How to Download Toon Blast On iOS

‎Toon Blast
‎Toon Blast
Developer: Peak Games
Price: Free+

If you wish to download Toon Blast on your iphone, just follow the following directions.

  • Open the “App Store” on your iOS.
  • Look for Toon Blast in the search bar.
  • Then Click on the “Get” icon.
  • Wait for a while for download.
  • Now the Open button will appear, tap Open for playing Toon Blast game.

How to Download Toon Blast On MacOS

It is very easy to download Toon Blast on MacOS PC. You can download it by following the below steps.

  • To download Toon Blast on MacOS PC, you have to need an emulator like BlueStacks.
  • Sign- in on the BlueStacks.
  • Then Open Appstore. 
  • Type Toon Blast in the search box and press enter.
  • Click on the Toon Blast.
  • Click Install or Get button to install.
  • Now click on the Open button for playing the Toon Blast game.

Toon Blast Tricks, Tips and Guidelines

How to Play Toon Blast

Toon Blast is a level based puzzle game. It’s very easy to play Toon Blast. If you want to play the Toon Blast game without any trouble, you can perform the following directions.

  • In the Toon Blast game you have to complete each level to progress within the game.
  • To play the game, tap two or more cubes of the common color to blast them.
  • If you wish to create powerful items such as Rocket, Bomb and Disco Ball, combine a number of cubes to clear the obstacles and reach the level goals.
  • For bigger combos and blast, you can also use these special powerful items, This will help you to reach your way to success.
  • There are a limited number of moves for each level. So you have to plan every move accordingly.

How can I join a team

If you are able to create or join a team in Toon Blast, you have to beat 20 levels.

Once you are able to beat level 20 you can easily join a team by using the “Team tab”. From here you can use the search button to find and join a team. Then you have to use the “Join” button to join a team. If a team is closed, you will need to wait for the leader’s approval. Then you can join the team.

What are lives and how do I get them

At the start of the game, you have five lives. If you fail to a level, you’ll lose a life. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get a free life every 30 minutes from Toon Blast. So, you’ll get 5 lives in on time.

If you want to get 5 free lives, you can ask your teammate. This lives you can use whenever you wish. 

To get these lives, tap on the  Ask Lives button on the menu. Then this request will be sent to your teammates. They can send you a free life. Sending life to your teammates you can earn free coins and you can perform it without any cost.

What are the special items

In Toon Blast, special items you can use as boosters. Special items Bomb, Disco Ball and Rocket can be made by matching cubes and purchased with coins before starting a level. 

If you want to get these special items, perform the following task.

  • Rocket: If you want to get Rocket boosters, match 5 or 6 cubes of the same color.
  • Bomb: Match 7 or 8 cubes of the same color to get the Bomb boosters.
  • Disco Ball: If you are able to match 9 or more cubes at a time, you get a Disco Ball boosters.

How can I create my own team

If you wish to create your own team, firstly you have to leave your current team that you have joined already.

To leave your current team, you have to perform the following steps below.

  • First you have to go to the team section.
  • Then tap on “My Team”.
  • Now tap on “Inof”.
  • Finally you can see the “Leave” button. By clicking the “Leave” button you can leave the team.

Now you can create your own team by following the below directions.

  • Go to the team section on the App.
  • Then tap on the “create” button.
  • Now arrange your team settings, according( Name- badge- description etc).
  • Finally, tap on the create button on the bottom on the page.  To create a team, it costs 100 points.

How can I invite friends to my team

If you wish to invite friends to your team, you can follow the below steps.

  • The first one, you can tell your team name to your friends. They can search your team name in the search box and then join your team.
  • If you are on facebook, your friend can tap your name on the friend Leaderboard. Then they have to tap the join button.

Note: In Toon blast, it is not possible to invite players directly.

How can I remove a teammate

If you are a leader of a team in Toon Blast, you are only able to remove a player. Here the steps below that you can follow.

  • Tap on the “Team’’ button. 
  • Now go to “My Team”.
  • Then tap a teammate’s name.
  • Finally tap the “Kick” button.

Note: The player you have clicked, he will never rejoin in your same team.

How can I leave a team

If you want to leave a team, just follow the below steps.

  • Open the “Team” tab of the app.
  • Then tap on “My Team”.
  • Now tap “Inof”
  • And then you can see the “Leave” button, now tap on the “Leave” button to leave the team.  

How can I send lives

When your teammates request lives in the team chat, you can send a free life to a teammate. To perform this just tap on the “Help” button of the app. You even get 1 free coin for helping others teammates.

FAQs About Toon Blast

As a popular game, Toon Blast has many Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs). There are some FAQs mentioned below.

What are boosters?

Boosters are one kind of item that help you to complete the levels very easily. In this game, there are many boosters you will find, such as Hammer, Boxing Glove, Anvil and Dice. You can find these items at the bottom of the level.

What is Crown Rush?

In the Toon Blast, the Crown Rush is an event that helps you to earn items at the beginning of the level.

There are 1 Rocket and 1 Bomb after completing a level. If you are able to complete the next level without losing any items, you will start the next level with 2 Rockets and 2 Bombs. In the same way, If you complete another level without losing, you get 3 Rockets and 3 Bombs at the beginning of the next level.

When you do not succeed to complete a level, at the beginning of the level you will need to start over to earn the items.

Crown Rush events will appear  after reaching level 52. You’ll need to wait for the next event to start, If a crown rush event already appears when you reach level 52.

What is the Champions League?

If you complete all the available levels in the Toon Blast, then you are permitted to enter the Champions League.

Here you’ll add in a special league with others users, whoever collects more rewards by passing levels.


Toon Blast App is the most popular game all over the world. It is very easy to play this game. In the review, we have shown you how to manage it properly. So in this review, you find all questions about the Toon Blast game.  

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